I was in our local popular meeting place coffee shop the other day and saw the half stuffed tip jar on the counter.  I ordered my Chai tea and pondered whether to put a tip in the jar.  The coffee shop works like this, you order the tea and then they call out your name and you come pick out the biggest mug you that anyone on earth could find.     My question is this, what has this person done to deserve a tip?

 When ordering at one of my favorite eateries a waitress comes and serves me.  She takes my order and carefully thoughtfully provides excellent service.  I am a good tipper and usually do 18 to 22 percent of the bill.  I tip because I understand and want her to understand that I appreciate her service.  (Those of you who are Christians now make sure to tip especially if you pray and are identified as a Christian.  We have a great Name to uphold and Gods’ not cheap with us.) 

 While back at our local coffee shop at 8am in the morning when they just open ,there is no one there.   The place is almost dead yet I wasn’t served my coffee.   I just can’t figure out why I should give a tip)  I meant to ask them some day.   

 (If part of their salary is the same argument you could use at the restaurant so that doesn’t count)

 It got me to thinking about how we view God and how He views us.  Now the waitperson will think if they do great service they will get a tip.   It is expected but somehow I think the Barista almost expects a tip as part of the coffee purchasing ritual experience.    So how do I approach God – do believe I should be blessed as an entitlement?  Do I expect a blessing because I serve God?  What is my entitlement from God?   As we approach our Father I want to be reverend and give Him, honor and blessings, praise and worship, love and adoration with open hands toward heaven.   Then again I know how my Father loves me so I am thankful what he gives.   God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good. 

 I still am in a conundrum on the tip for the coffee shop person.  I think they could have at least, in the empty restaurant brought my coffee while I am in the deep conversation with my pals.   Well, that’s a point to ponder.    What’s your opinion?  

© Peter Durkee 2019