Honey on a Fire 

This week I got my new handouts that you can download on the last page on the menu or other places on the website.  I am so blessed that they look fantastic.  I had purchased these the same time as I had purchased the books as in my previous blog entitled “Getting it Done”.  About 2 years ago, I purchased a contract to publish a one sheet brochure.  The company and phone number disappeared.  They reappeared under a different name and through multiple calls, I got their president and he helped me work with others in the company to come up with a great handout or really a rack card (which is a half a regular sheet of paper).  The handout looks great.  I came up with  the wording and work with them on design and layout.   I purchased all the graphics as I have on this website to be legal.   I am really exclited about the resulting handout.   I could have gotten mad and chewed them out as I had felt abandon after giving my money and not recieving my product.   I could have grown bitter but I found it was better to work with a positive attitutude gaining positive ground a little at a time.   I found encouragement given to all involved in the process each step of the way, went a long way.   They did do excellent work.   So my coaching has taught me to resolve situations with patience and blessing others which is like pouring “Honey on a Fire”.

© Peter Durkee 2019