What will the Assessment do for ME?

Peter Durkee as a Career Direct Consultant and Certified Coach can assist you to:

1. Learn more about yourself:

- Gain awareness and knowledge of self by assessing Personality, Interests, Skills and Values as they relate to career choices.

- Discover and integrate gender, socio economic status, ethnicity, spirituality, culture, disabilities, and/or social/familial influences into career choices.

- Identify life styles, sense of meaning, and contributions to society from a Biblical perspective.

- A Career Direct Consultant will always administer and interpret a Career Direct assessment as part of their services to the client.

- A  Career Direct Consultant will assist you in developing a Biblical perspective of work. Many people are very unhappy in their work. For Christians, this is due to a lack of understanding about their Divine Design, the call of God and the spiritual nature of work.

The primary cause of discontentment, we have concluded, is that we have lost the biblical perspective of work. We suffer the consequences. Somehow we, as a society, have adopted a secular view of work, a view that allows us to think we can separate our work from spiritual lives and from God.  

2. Deal with career challenges and transition issues:

- Develop strategies to handle work functions and/or self-employment

- Create a plan to become marketable and remain competitive

Develop coping strategies to deal with retirement plans, unpredictable aspects of work life, such as personality conflicts, challenging situations, unemployment, under-employment, layoffs, and re-entering the job market, among others.

3. Apply to graduate or professional schools or apply for other training programs:

- Identify programs that match your profile.

- Learn how to obtain letters of recommendations.

- Write personal statements/biographical essays.- Conduct successful mock interviews.

- Find financial aid information.

- Develop a plan B in case of not being accepted.

- Feel confident about graduate school/professional application process.

4. Discover and gain educational and occupational information:

- Identify and become familiar with various educational and career related resources (e.g. internet & printed materials).

- Research and assemble, summarize, and process information about occupations as they relate to nature of work, working conditions, job market, world and job trends in your nation, employment outlook, earnings and salary, educational/academic training, and related occupations.

- Gather, summarize, and process information about academic options and tertiary educational requirements.

- Recommend career options and alternative plans in collaboration with the client and their family.

5. Learn about decision-making and career planning:

- Learn Biblical decision-making styles and strategies applied to career decision-making.

- Clarify and set realistic and achievable goals.

- Develop and implement an action plan related to a career path.

6. A Career Direct Consultant can help you conduct a job search:

- Discuss and learn how to create and maintain a professional image.

- Learn how to write resumes, vitas, and job search letters.

- Learn how to put together a career portfolio.

- Conduct mock interviews addressing strengths and areas of growth.- Conduct informational interviews.

- Identify and initiate contact with potential employers.

- Identify and learn how to respond to job ads in a timely manner.

- Learn how to negotiate salary and acquire knowledge of benefit packages.

- Learn job interviewing etiquette and how to communicate with potential employers.

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