Getting it Done - Your Own Community

I recently worked on a book and contracted with a company to publish it. I paid them and ordered additional books prior to it actually being published. I finished the transcript and they had - it ready to go.  The company went bankrupt, no contact, dead phone, just and empty presence on the web (until the website contract ran out).   The company is 2500 miles away so what do you do?   Even my bank had changed from Visa to Master Card so those avenues were out of date.  I procrastinated for a long time just not wanting to look the situation in the face.  Avoidance is a great way to placate.  

It wasn’t until one of my fellow coaches who had the same experience spoke up and did something about her misfortune with the same company - that started to get me moving.  Four others from our coaching, their email spoke up and had similar situations.  Now that motivated me!  I started action, and in the process of interacting with others I got more information on the company and started my own resolution process.  I contacted the former company owner and passed on all the unfulfilled contracts to him to see what we can do about them.  I will let you know but there is a main focus point here.  It wasn’t until I started seeing action from others that I was motivated.  They, in away were my coaches, motivating me and creating a community to bounce ideas off of and giving encouragement.  It is like what I do in my own coaching business - Higher Goals Coaching.  We create an atmosphere and community for each individual client to get their own start and get moving on their career goals.  The testimonies they share with me (see testimony page) really explain it; we all need help in starting and moving to reach excellent results. 

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